College Founder

Shri Ramrao Gyanoba Jagtap Avargaonkar, senior freedom fighter from Marathwada, son of Beed Jiyala, Vice President of Marathwada Education Broadcasters Board and former MP Shri Ramrao Avargaonkar. Mr. Awargaonkar was born on August 3, 1929 to a farmer family in M.A. Awargaon Ta, Ambajogai Dist. Beed. There was an active participation in the freedom struggle in the student state. Dharur had the influence of the idea of arya samaj since childhood. In 1963, the first magnificent horse statue of Shiv Chhatrapati at Beed stood up because of the initiative and dhaddi of Mr. Ramraoji. In 1955, the Goa Liberation Movement fought liberally and succeeded.

1952 – The first MLA from Gewarai taluka.
1962 – Beed News in Beed is the first newspaper to be launched and the first president of the District Journalists Association.
1966 – First election from Jila as a member of maharashtra state transport board.
1970 – First election from Beed district as a member of the Electricity Board in Maharashtra.
1974 to 80 – The first honor of moving from Beed district to rajya sabha.
1988 – Marathwada Education Broadcasters Board elected as joint secretary on the Central Executive.

This was followed by participation in the United Maharashtra Movement. The satyagraha led to a month’s imprisonment, after which Beed started maratha boarding. The purpose behind this boarding is to provide food and accommodation to the intelligent, needy and studying children of the bahujan community.
Also, The Devgiri College of Aurangabad, Balbhim College Beed and Dharur Ambajogai started, and Mr. Awargaonkar played a lion’s role in starting a law college at Beed. At the same time, Mr. Awargaonkar provided space for the law college Beed.
With the efforts of Shri Ramraoji Awargaonkar, the doors of law education in rural areas like Beed have been opened to the masses and numerous students are working in various places in the field of law till date. Therefore, marathwada education broadcasters board education institute will create an example for the younger generation by naming the law college as freedom fighter Ramrao Awargaonkar Law College Beed.
Former Prime Minister Self. Indiraji Gandhi, former Deputy Prime Minister, K. Yashwantraoji Chavan, K. Vasantrao Naik. Awargaonkar had a close relationship with Rajiv Gandhi.
Shri Awargaonkar, who was loyal to the thoughts of Mahatma Phule, Shahu Maharaj and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, was also a devotee of Panduranga on Pandharpur.